Designing a national logo


Based in Thessaloniki, creative office Beetroot Design Group has proven time and time again, over the years, that it thinks in terms of going beyond boundaries and places. As it seems, time has come to surpass even the limits of time. Beetroot was assigned to design the logo of “Greece 1821” committee, which was set up on the occasion of the celebration of 200 years since the 1821 Revolution, and judging by the buzz it stirred, it is safe to say that Beetroot was wisely chosen.

“We’ve created an up-to-the-minute logo that encompasses the notion of movement, as it embarks on movement itself in the digital world, and meets up the contemporary demands in the field of communication”, to put it in their own words. What’s for certain, though, is that it exceeds the narrow confines of a project. It does not only reflect the self-consciousness of an entire nation, but also its imaginary look, therefore it is hard to establish a common denominator. All that is left is the flag’s waving, this firm and stout 1 and the (evidently common) willingness to survive, move forward, mature, and look Greece directly in the eye.