Winners of international awards and distinctions, they design the visual identity of a varied clientele, now… they export Monsters.


Mind the Monsters

Photographs: Beetroot Archive

They have a long history of winning international awards and distinctions, they design and build the visual identity of a varied and global clientele, they’ve made their mark in Thessaloniki’s robust graphic-design market and… they export Monsters throughout Europe and the United States, too.

When the Beetroot Design Group won the prestigious Red Dot Communication Design Award – Agency of the Year in 2011, the highest award in communication design worldwide, it celebrated with an exhibition featuring subversive depictions of monsters in Greek mythology.

The designs developed in a unique style by Beetroot for the book The Misunderstood Monsters of Greek Mythology  came to life with installations, sculptures, idols, stencil graffiti, as well as “invisible” monsters that are perceptible only through the use of audiovisual  technology, and travelled to Chicago, New York, Berlin and Athens.  Aside from their immense value in graphic design, the monsters of Beetroot humorously  -and quite effectively- conveyed a political message around the globe, which is none other than the need to subvert stereotypes.






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