Lyubov Popova

The favorite one of George Costakis


Among the profusion of artists whose work was compiled by George Costakis, the preeminent collector or Russian avant-garde, Lyubov Popova was the one and only he referred to by first name and understandably so; hardly no one could withstand the allure of this woman who travelled, researched and synthesized new forms of art, ranging from Impressionism to Cubofuturism and from Suprematism to Constructivism.

The Costakis Collection – Museum of Modern Art-MOMus  opened  a series of events showcasing the key figures of Russian avant-garde  with an enormous exhibition featuring over 200 pieces of Popova’s art works and archival material, perhaps the largest ever compilation of  this idiosyncratic artist’s creations. The exhibition entitled “Lyubov Popova. Form. Colour. Space.” will be open to the public until March of 2020 at the premises of Moni Lazariston in Thessaloniki, a display that will magically carry the spectators back to the 1920s, a time when dreams landed with impact on earth…

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