Petros Klampanis

Tora Collective

The latest album released by the internationally acclaimed bass player and composer Petros Klampanis, titled Tora Collective, is a ground-breaking music endeavor that bridges the gap between Greek tradition and contemporary jazz.

While listening to “Xehorismata”, the cover of the titular folklore song
from Epirus that revolves around the pain of the uprooting, one can’t
help but get swept away by this unique assemblage of music sounds and the inventive way it blends Greek tradition with jazz music. The
song is included in Tora Collective, the sixth album bearing the signature of the renowned bass player and composer Petros Klampanis, one of the most talented Greek musicians of his generation.

Having grown up in Zakynthos, an island surrounded by the music
traditions of both the Mediterranean and the Balkans, Petros Klampanis integrated the experimentation between different cultures into the very core of his philosophy as an artist. Following in the footsteps of his previous albums, Irrationalities (2019) and Rooftop Stories (2021), in Tora Collective (2023) he crafts an innovative music environment, endowing the Greek music tradition
with a universal touch.

The album includes traditional songs from every corner of Greece,
from the Aegean Sea to Epirus, from the Ionian Islands to Macedonia,
reaching all the way to the Asia Minor coast and the forefathers of the rebetiko. “Xehorismata” is matched by similar covers of popular Greek folklore songs, which stand as a solid proof of the dynamics of
traditional music in our times. In Petros Klampanis’ words: “These songs are not just a piece of the Greek cultural legacy and of the past, but also a token of the future: they live and breathe in the present, constantly evolving and in perpetual interaction with contemporary music.”

In addition to Petros Klampanis (bass, artistic direction), in Tora
Collective one can find the names of Areti Ketime (vocals), Thomas Konstantinou (oud, lute), Giorgos Kotsinis (clarinet), Kristjan Randalu (piano) and Ziv Ravitz (percussion).

The album has hit the record stores, as well as all digital platforms, released by Enja/Yellowbird Records, in collaboration with ΠΚ music and AN Music.