Costas Picadas

Biomes and Homologies

Photographer and visual artist Costas Picadas, born in Ioannina and having studied in Paris, is unveiling his new exhibition titled Biomes and Homologies, hosted at Tenri Cultural Institution in New York, where the artist lives and works. Drawing once again inspiration from the scientific fields of medicine and biology and constantly evolving his idiosyncratic view and approach as an artist, Picadas is exploring the underlying similarities and affinities that govern all patterns of life, nature and -ultimately- communication between the living beings of our planet.

Representing forms of live as witnessed by the scientific gaze, under a microscope, as well as the human eye, unmediated and primary, as found in the arena of nature, Picadas is in search
of the bonds of origin and identity, which are passed on through an indiscernible process. The biological-existential journey that invites us to embark on sets out to discover not only the fundamental ideas and conditions that define existence and symbiosis, both as a contemporary and enlarged version of the Platonic Ideas and as a recognition of the complexity found in the mosaic (and the miracle) of life. Through a use of color that crafts an imagery of arrival and departure, of birth and death, of union and separation, the artist’s works stand as a process of studying and healing a trauma that will never get cured or fester; an inextricable part of an ontological condition that repeats itself evermore.

Biomes and Homologies, curated by Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos, opened its gates for the NY public on May 5th 2023 and will call it wrap on May 31st 2023.