3D digital stage design goes beyond the fascination of the image.

Stathis Mitsios

Restless light

Text: Sofoklis P. Geroulis || Photos: Eleftheria Kalpenidou 

Animated virtual patterns and 3D light interpolations on the stage of Epidaurus, at the Herodion or at a rock opera at the National Theater of Northern Greece, video mapping on the Athens City Hall’s façade or at Thessaloniki’s Government House, Stathis Mitsios creates visual installations serving both as stage sets and as performances in themselves; it’s all about light, the substance- if you will- of Stathis Mitsios’ work, and this light is just as incessant and sensational as his art is.  

The core of his specialized craft (where Mitsios also applies his academic background in graphic design and interior design) is 3D digital stage design, yet his work goes beyond theatrical sets and art installations and often illumines building structures of a stated significance on the urban consciousness. Behind the technical and aesthetic challenges, a historical and anthropocentric discipline is implicitly at work: «As the image carries a lot of power, it’s rendered dangerous at the same time. It’s very easy to get carried away by its magic and lose touch with the essence.”

For Stathis Mitsios, Thessaloniki’s vital environment is the Eastern Mediterranean: “I like the Mediterranean, the Balkans, it suits me to live here.” He also believes that the conditions are favorable for showcasing the city’s cultural aspect. Film festivals, museums, theaters, the Biennale, the Dimitria, they can all give Thessaloniki the eminence it deserves during this most demanding period where “everyone  cares about Greece”. Mitsios prefers to see life in the city as «a curvy cardiograph and not a straight line. If you add a vision, you’ll have room for more creativity.»

3D digital stage design goes beyond the fascination of the image.