Southern-American tunes take over the soul of a local band.

Million Hollers

With the love of the blues

Text: Thanassis Gogadis || Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis

What matters most to Million Hollers is the blues. But that’s not all. They love soul, rock’n’roll (they retain the versatile basic format “vocals, two guitars and drums”) or more contemporary sounds, such as neo-psychedelia, even stoner rock. The “hollers” sung by African slaves in the cotton plantations of the American south, considered by many as the precursor of the blues, is probably what fascinated this incredibly popular Thessaloniki-bred band. Key singer Labb Reany came up with the idea for a band with this particular sound in August 2011. After a jam with Nick (drummer) and the almost random appearance of Yannis (guitar), the gig began to take shape and form. Labb Reany worked on the first pieces and the exploration took off. Of course, the territory was new and unmarked for this electric blues’n’roll trio that likes vintage sounds,  but there was hope in sight: The Million Hollers opened for The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dead Meadow, Radio Moscow, Blues Pills and others, while they’ve released a 7’’ single “Million Hollers” [2013] and the EP “Once upon a whiskey” (2015). Band members: Labb Reany (guitars, vocals), Johnny (guitars) and Jimmys (drums).