Inspiration by the great Greek musician Giannis Konstantinidis on jazz tracks.

Yako Trio

Unexpected conversation with tradition

Text: Tasos Retzios || Photos: Sakis Gioumpasis

In recent years, this band of young musicians is making waves by attempting something totally original and particularly creative: A jazz tribute to the legendary Greek musician Yiannis Konstantinidis, the erudite musician who strove to save the unregistered traditional music of Greece through the process of composing, influenced by classical greats such as Debussy, Ravel, Bella Bartok.

Yako Trio try to communicate with Konstantinidis’ traditional melodies and arrange them for a trio ensemble under a cloud of jazzy notes. What’s more, Leandros Pasias (piano), Vangelis Vrachnos (double bass) and George Klountzos-Chrysidis (drums) invent their own fresh sounds, diggin’ them with jazz notes and all that.


yako trio

Yako Trio

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