The band’s name and its indie rock heart may point elsewhere, but the lyrics are Greek.


Hard sound, soft melodies

Text: Thanassis Gogadis || Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis

Groovy rhythms, alternative rock / metal sounds, ethnic notes and Greek lyrics, all together these elements shape the distinctive and unique music of MEMPHIS. Starting out in 2012, the band experiments and walks on new paths and uncharted areas. Hard sounds and soft melodies are intertwined with a strangely sweet and dark sentiment evoked by the bitter lyrics. Without limiting themselves to a particular musical genre and driven by a spontaneous and authentic sense of freedom, MEMPHIS is one of the most original and powerful presences of the country’s independent rock scene. The intensity that distinguishes the band during its live gigs renders MEMPHIS a surefire guarantee for those who yearn for sounds beyond the expected.  In 2014 the band released its debut album “As the Seasons Change” and in spring 2017 “The Tracker Who Chased Death”. The MEMPHIS band members: Alkis Kehayas on vocals, Joe FK & Stelios Plakas on guitars, Dimitris “Mitch” Oikonomou on bass and Apostolos “Mousias” on drums.