This Thessaloniki-based band was loved by both critics and the audience.


Alternative to the bone

Text: Thanassis Gogadis || Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis

Ever since its creation in 2006 to date, Jane Doe, an indie rock band, has a fanatical audience and rightfully so, since its particular sound and powerful stage presence makes for probably  one of the strongest alternative propositions on the musical circuits right now. Jane Doe released their first album «Heaven For Dogs» in 2008, which was immediately hailed by both audiences and critics, while in 2011 they released on the internet the EP «Stories about Waves». During their decade-long existence, they’ve produced extraordinary works, such as «The Enormous Head of King Splendid», «Revolution Diaries», «Recipes for Refugees» and the «b612 revisited» which is a lyrical, guitar-based EP, where Jane Doe is revisited by…Jane Doe. They’ve opened for numerous foreign bands such as A Place to bury Strangers, Crippled Black Phoenix, O.Children, Nite Fields, Sonic Jesus, while they’ve also shared venues with other Greek bands such as Mora Sti Fotia or Nanoi. The band members are: Panos Doe (drums, percussion), Dionisis Doe (bass), Anastasis Doe και  Stavros Doe (guitars), Moss Doe ( vocals and lyrics) and John Doe (visuals).