Vassilis Pantelidis ​

First place at the World Biennial of Student Photography

It seems that the images captured by Vassilis Pantelidis are destined to inspire memorable reactions, arouse emotion, and provoke reflection on the tragicomedy of human existence. And it also seems that the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece’s choice to support his submission to the recent PhotoBiennale 2021 was particularly apt. There, he presented his ongoing photography project, titled μονόλογοι / monologues.

Vassilis Pantelidis is a student at the School of Film of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), and it was in this capacity that he participated at the 8th World Biennial Exhibition of Student Photography, organized by the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad. From a total of 170 students from around the globe, Pantelidis’s photography was selected by the competition’s international jury as worthy of the very first place.

The World Biennial Exhibition of Student Photography invites undergraduate and postgraduate students of universities and colleges who take photography modules to participate with original works they create in the context of their studies.

In Vassilis Pantelidis’s own words, the monologues are “an amalgamation of heterogeneous episodes which trace the human condition, a result of fermenting the tragic and the comic in life. The individual scenes adopt a theatrical approach where abstraction, paradox and the absurd, as well as repetition, weave a claustrophobic thread around the human subject, with no redemption or solution. The setting points to an undetermined place; one of existential quests and metaphysical human agony, suspended between the truth and the fiction of existence, the accidental and the uncertainty of life, embellished with sarcasm and irony – monologues of a tragic comedy or a comic tragedy.”

On the occasion of this international distinction, the Rector of the Aristotle University, Professor Nikolaos G. Papaioannou, noted: “As an institution with a longstanding tradition, the World Biennial of Student Photography encompasses the artistic creations of several generations of new artists from the entire world. Whenever representatives of the new generation of artists of the Aristotle University stand out in international competitions, they make us all proud. Our student’s award reflects the high level of education attained at Aristotle University, which enables students to climb to the top tiers of global competition and to continue, with all the tools they acquire at the AUTh, to pursue their dreams.”