Thalia Gatzouli

The Pause of the times


Thalia Gatzouli’s work, this fascinating blend of seemingly incongruous elements that find an ideal balance spot in a state of cosmological harmony, appears to be gradually exceeding the confining limits of her native country, attracting international interest. The artist granted an interview to Interalia an online magazine dedicated to the elective affinities and the two-way paths connecting art and science that stands as solid proof of her broadened horizons. In this exciting and thorough interview, Thalia Gatzouli delves into her sources of inspiration, as well as her origins as an artist, reveals the key pillars of her work, makes an extended analysis of her most memorable and iconic creations, while sharing her plans for the future with the audience.

In her latest work, bearing the title Pause, Thalia Gatzouli runs across the blurry borderline where archetypical myths and an elusive reality – seemingly springing from a futuristic wishful thinking – miraculously find a point of pure balance. Gatzouli opens a crack into the dividing wall of the visible and the tangible, revealing, in all its occult grandeur, the secret life of matter. Eventually, a pulsating inner truth rises to the surface; a truth that stems from the personal and expands into the universal. The unseen poetry of the universe is suddenly placed under art’s microscope.

Mess, Installation, wood, rope, metal toggles, neon lights, dimensions variable, 2016
My Blood (detail) Microscope cover glass on plexiglass, inox back light box, 195 × 40 × 15 cm, 2014
My Blood, Microscope cover glass on plexiglass, inox back light box, 195 × 40 × 15 cm, 2014