Music for Ntinos Christianopoulos

May Roosevelt
Album "Music to the poetry of Ntinos Christianopoulos", 2013

To May Roosevelt, Ntinos Christianopoulos has always been “one of the sparse candles in the dark”. In 2013, the Thessaloniki-born composer, producer and Theremin soloist released the album “Music to the Poetry of Ntinos Christianopoulos” (Ianos), drawing inspiration from the poet’s work. Seven years after its release, this album continues to light up his poetic universe, like a candle burning in his memory.

May Roosevelt went off the beaten path of simply setting Christianopoulos’ verses to music, opting to create a unique environment of sounds built upon the poet’s words and soughs.

The album includes ten compositions, in which May’s music is intertwined with Christianopoulos’ poems, recited by the poet himself. May Roosevelt’s piano-based compositions are electrified by the touch of the Theremin, whose sound is a key feature of the artist’s identity. Her melodies, heart wrenching, pared-down and unfussy, render the deep melancholy, the dramatic intensity and the confessional tone of Christianopoulos’ poetry, his frustrating agony and his despair. “As I stand longing for you to come around / my mind trails off to the tromped / lined up in queues for hours”.

Dinos Christianopoulos died on August 11, 2020. He was the poet and one of the most influential living consciences of the intellectual life of Thessaloniki. His work and his artistic and personal aura, have nurtured and will continue to nurture mostly artistic and other creations.

May Roosevelt was born in Thessaloniki, where she lives and works. She took up studying the violin at the age of twelve, before succumbing to the charms of the Theremin and electronic music. She began working with various Greek groups and recording her own compositions, combining the Theremin, synthesizers and electronic beats. In 2009, she released her debut EP “Panda, a Story about Love and Fear”, followed by the albums “Haunted” (2011), “Music to the Poetry of Ntinos Christianopoulos” (2013) and “Junea” (2017). May Roosevelt has worked alongside a great number of Greek and foreign artists.


May Roosevelt
May Roosevelt