Manos Milonakis

Strelitzia, a quarantine work

Text: Chryssa Nanou | Photos: @ Fani Tripsani
Manos Milonakis Strelitzia
Recorded, mixed, produced by Manos Milonakis Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K studios. Artwork: Manos Milonakis

Strelitzia is an evergreen ornamental plant, with orange-blue flowers, that resemble the beak of a heavenly bird. This is the name given by Manos Milonakis to one of his “quarantine works”, crafted out of his scanty music tools he has equipped his house with, during the lockdown, and released by Canadian label, Moderna Records.

Dedicated to spring, uniqueness and equality, the work of the Thessaloniki-based artist draws reference to the myth of the “Paradise bird” that was doomed to be transformed into a plant. “Strelitzia is a story told in piano, classical strings instruments and some 80s synths, reminding us that, regardless of one’s special features, differences and/or achievements, we all breathe the same air and we are destined to live in a state of parity and harmony”, as Milonakis points out.

You can listen, purchase and share this new release through the digital platform of your choice:

www.manosmilonakismusic.com  //  www.modernarecords.com

Manos Milonakis
@Fani Tripsani
Manos Milonakis
@ Fani Tripsani