A band that climbed its way to a brave new sound


Analog hearts

Text: Thanasis Gogadis || Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis

63high were formed in 1997 and a short while later they recorded their first demo, influenced by Jamaican reggae sounds and the British ska music form, as well as by the hardcore punk culture of the U.S.  In the span of the next two decades, they released a split 7’’ EP and two albums, while they’ve performed innumerable gigs: they’ve played in homes, schools, camps, extreme sports sites, parks, clubs and festivals. Having been characterized as one of the most awesome live bands in Greece, 63high have opened for nearly every famous band that has performed in Greece, among them the Sex Pistols, Ska-P, Los De Abajo, Sublime, Toasters, Meteors, Jaya The Cat, No Fun At All, Aggrolites, Oi Polloi, Leftover Crack, Wilhelm Scream. After a few silent years, 63high is making a comeback with a new album “Analog hearts in a digital world”, which includes the hit single “Waiting for Who”. After a number of changes, the core members of the band today are:  Alexis: vocals/guitar, Christos: drums/vocals, Paris: bass, Dimitris: saxophone, Kostas: guitar