Product design, from London and New York to Thessaloniki and all over the world.

Thanasis Babalis

Geometry and nature

Photographs: Thanasis Babalis Archive

From merchant ships to product and furniture design studies, from London and New York to Thessaloniki and all over the world, Thanasis Babalis belongs to that rare sort of product designers who are called upon to grant sublime form and high functionality to some of our most mundane surroundings.

Thanasis Babalis has received a plethora of awards for his work, while he’s also participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece, the United States, France and Germany.

«The key concept of my design philosophy when it comes to object form is a play between simple and clean geometry with organic elements derived from nature, always within the parameters of high functionality and innovation in every product I design», Babalis says, correlating his fondness for geometry and nature with his Greek academic background.

When it comes to new collaborations or projects, Babalis’ focus is to design something that corresponds fully to the client’s needs. «This means that I have to thoroughly consider everything that’s related to the planned product, from the manufacturer to the consumer market, and, even more so, the product’s usability.»