Breathtaking pictures reenacting an entire year’s events


Photojournalism on display

According to the time-honored adage, each picture is worth a thousand words, but as we cast a glance at the wonderful photos of #PRESS_photostories, the third Photojournalism Contest Exhibition in Greece, held by the Cultural Foundation of the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia-Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH), it is a thousand thoughts that pop up in our mind.

The exhibition showcases photographs that convey last year’s key moments with precision, sensibility and depth, and capture unique moments of beauty, stimulating both the heart and the mind. Photojournalism’s power is revealed in all its grandeur.

A total of more than 600 photographs from allover the country were submitted by 72 photojournalists and journalists in the #PRESS_photostories contest proclaimed by ESIEMTH’s Cultural Foundation. These photographs fall into the following thematic categories: a. Politics, b. Society, c. Culture (Arts, Sciences, Technology), 4. Sports, 5. Environment.

The identity of the photographs was completely unknown to Jury members (as metadata had been removed from the digital files), who were called to vote individually, selecting the photos to be included in the exhibition. The votes were collected and sorted, forming a preliminary group of qualifiers. A long deliberation followed, where the Jury finalized each category’s line-up and granted the awards.

The jury was comprised of: photojournalist Aristotelis Sarrikostas, photojournalist Michail Pappous, architect and photographer Aris Georgiou, Associate professor (School of Film, Fine Arts Faculty, AUTh) Ioannis Kolaxizis, photographer and publisher Tassos Schizas, journalist Christina Chaleplidou and the vice-president of ESIEMTH’s Cultural Foundation, Marni Hatziemmanouil.

127 photographs were selected, which would be showcased in the #PRESS_photostories exhibition hosted by the Piraeus Bank Conference Center (12-14, Katouni str., Ladadika), from 13 to 28 March 2020. Unfortunately, due to the latest developments concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus in our country, and after placing public health issues above anything else, the exhibition is postponed until further notice.

Each category’s winner photo will be bestowed with a cash prize of 1,000 Euros, while two runner-ups (one, in the case of the Sports category) will receive accolades.

The photograph designated as #PRESS_photo 2019 will be granted a cash prize of 2,000€.

A full list of the awards:

#PRESS_photo 2019
Tatiana Mpolari
A snapshot from the 37th Athens Classic Marathon: finishing at the Panathenaic Stadium (November 11th 2019)

Politics AWARD
Dimitris Kapantais
A protester pushes back a policeman of the Units for the Reinstatement of Order (MAT) in riots taking place in Athens, on the occasion of the visit by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo (October 5th 2019)

Alexandros Avramidis 
A monk holding a Holy Mary icon, wipes his eyes following the use of teargas by the Police, at a protest against the Prespa Agreement, in Athens (January 20th 2019)

John Liakos
A meeting between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at the Maximos mansion (January 10th 2019)

Society AWARD
Aggelos Barai
A fire-fighting helicopter drops water to extinguish a fire in the outskirts of Rafina, on Tuesday July 23rd 2019, exactly one year after the outbreak of the deadly wildfires in Mati.

Lefteris Partsalis
Twelve-year-old twins Sohrab and Rustam, from Afghanistan, have arrived on the island of Lesvos, along with their 8-member family, living in the Moria refugee camp (December 1st 2019)

Elias Marcou
The shepherd of Langada (December 1st 2019)

Culture AWARD
Aris Vafiadakis
Ancient tragedy in Epidaurus

George Vitsaras
Events celebrating the International Dance Day at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (April 21st 2019)

Lefteris Partsalis
A performer – member of the open free folk caravan Ambulans Théâtre, which set off from France to the destination of Plovdiv, Bulgaria – is sitting in his railway carriage during a stop outside Trikala (March 24th 2019)

Sports AWARD
Giannis Moisiadis
Football players dueling for the ball in a muddy terrain, at the match Iraklis Ampelokipon vs. Olympiakos Kyminon, for the Macedonia Football Clubs Association’s amateur league (January 30th 2019)

Paris Sarrikostas
Stephanos Tsitsipas during the Davis Cup 2019, held in Athens

Environment AWARD
Angelos Tzortzinis
A burnt forest, in the aftermath of the wildfire near the village of Makrymalli, on the island of Evia (August 14th 2019)

Environment ACCOLADE
Vasilios Agorastos
Ethereal dancers over lake Karla (November 26th 2019)

Environment ACCOLADE
Yorgos Karahalis
A local is struggling to give a helping hand to the putting out of a large-scale forest fire in Evia (August 13th 2019)