Τhe city’s public visual identity is carved onto the walls of its buildings, ever since 2010.

Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis


Wall-mounted art

Thessaloniki’s art identity goes public: Murals on city building walls from 2010- to present:

1. Ladadika, on Tsimiski Street (2011). “Horizons of national interventions for the benefit of women and the fight against violence”. A  façade co-created by the Chinese artist DAL and the South African Faith47, in the framework of the “Face Art-Public Murals Thessaloniki 2011″ project during the 15th Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean “SYMBIOSIS?”.

2. Navarino Square, at intersection of D. Gounari and Al. Svolou streets (2010). «The Navarino Square mural». Created by Argyris Saraslanidis (aka SER), a pioneer in Greek urban art with his collaborators Zek, Jers and Ortsa.

3. Navarino Square, on Apellou Street (2013). “The Apellou Street Mural”. A solo work by SER.

4. Ippokration Hospital (2017) «Stay Away», a project created by the artist INO in the framework of the campaign “The Expression of Health Through Art” of the Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus”.

5. Ippokratio Hospital, on Kon. Karamanli Street (2011).  “Symbiosis” by street artists Nade and Nastwo (15th Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean).

6. Athonos Square, at the intersection of Kastritsiou and Metropolitou Gennadi streets. “BREATH. The Athonos Square mural ». SER, INVA and Simoni collaborated on this project.