The excellent bassist and composer and his collaborations.

Lakis Tzimkas

Salonika jazz

Text: Tasos Retzios || Photographs: Sakis Gioumpasis

Lakis Tzimkas, the mighty bassist and jazz composer, has been playing for some time now at the Duende Jazz Bar, Thessaloniki’s treasured music scene. A member of Duende’s steady jazz ensemble along with guitarist Makis Stefanidis, drummer Alekos Spanidis and Yannis Economidis in trumpet and vocals, he’s also performed with other great names on the scene. 

Gigging with numerous seminal groups both in Greece and abroad, while following his studies in Thessaloniki and Austria he toured Europe with some of the most legendary names of the international jazz scene.  In his latest album “The Meeting”, he forms a distinctive trio featuring a bit of New York with Mark Whitfield on guitar and Christos Germenoglou on drums.