It’s open, it’s tolerant, it withstands innovation, experimentation and challenges. There’s no artist who at some point didn’t long to be in Berlin, as this city’s myth never ceases to feed the imagination of those with a creative mandate in life.
In recent years Berlin has become home for a community of Greek designers and that’s been steadily growing in numbers due to the Greek financial crisis.

Elena Sokratous

Theater director

Text: Evi Karkiti
Elena Sokratous

Born in Limassol, with studies in the Theatrical Department of Aristotle University, Elena Sokratous entered the world of theater direction with drive and vision, accomplishing her youthful dream.

Her earliest work was held an abandoned house in the Kolossi village of Limassol where she presented monologues by Loula Anagnostaki.

When she first landed in Berlin, Sokratous realized that this city of innumerable options, manifold identities and diverse cultures in coexistence would only fuel her inspirations. And even though the doors there – just as everywhere- aren’t always wide open, the city welcomes innovation and one can be featured in equal par both in bright showrooms and in underground spaces.

From the start, Sokratous ventured in modern Greek theater, presenting to the Berlin audience –and not just the Greek community there- contemporary Greek writers such as Vangelis Hatziyannidis, Andreas Flourakis, Thanasis Triaridis, Lena Kitsopoulou.

«I kept telling everyone that contemporary Greek theater has made great strides and appeals to an international audience. In many cases, the audience feedback was enthusiastic, but there were instances where the response was that of shock, which was equally pleasing to me. »

Alongside all this, Sokratous is part of an extensive theatrical training program which holds drama workshops for unprivileged youth between the ages of 13-18. Berlin, despite the hardships faced by newcomers, provides a wealth of challenges and opportunities for get-togethers, and that makes it the dream city for artists.