Thessaloniki PhotoΒiennale 2021 | 24th International Photographic Meeting


The Cultural Society, within the framework of the MATAROA project, joins forces with MOMus-Thessaloniki Museum of Photography for the promotion of emerging Greek photographers!


MOMus- Thessaloniki Museum of Photography addresses an open call to emerging Greek photographers for submission of proposals within the framework of the exhibition program of the Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale 2021 / 24th International Photographic Meeting that’s to be launched in October 2021.

Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale, which completes thirty-four years of presence this year and is one of the oldest photography festivals in Europe, is an important step in the presentation of modern and historical Greek photographic creation and a vital crossroad of its melding with the respective international scene.

This year’s open call to emerging Greek photographers is co-organized and supported by the Cultural Society of Entrepreneurs of Northern Greece and in the framework of the MATAROA project, which aims to showcase and promote contemporary Greek artistic creation.

A three-member committee will collect and examine the proposals that will be submitted, then selecting two (2) proposals that will be presented in solo exhibitions at the Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale 2021 at venues selected by MOMus-TMOP.

MOMus-TMOP and the Cultural Society will undertake the implementation of the two exhibitions, in an effort to give a step to remarkable photographic works of emerging creators.

Submission of proposals:
• Photographers should not have had any solo exhibition or publication of their work, in Greece or abroad.
• Each candidate can submit ten (10) photos from a project, which will be a specific topic, along with a short description of the series (up to 200 words) and a short resume (up to 200 words)
Deadline for submission of proposals is Friday 7 May at 23:30, at photobiennale21@gmail.com.
Relevant questions can only be asked in writing, exclusively at the above e-mail address (questions will not be accepted by phone).

• The selection of proposals will be done by a three-member evaluation committee consisting of:
Areti Leopoulou, art historian- MOMus curator
Eleni Maligoura, photographer
Pavlos Fysakis, photographer-artistic director of the MEDPHOTO festival

• In case a submitted proposal is qualified, the selected photographers will have to provide digital files suitable for printing in a dimension of at least 30×45 cm. The cost of production will be covered by the co-organizers.
• The two selected photographers can consult with the members of the committee, so that their first solo exhibition is as complete as possible.
• By submitting their proposal, the artists confirm that they have received knowledge and fully accept the terms of their participation in the open call, as they are listed above.

Technical specifications of the submitted digital files:
• file type: jpg (imagequality 12)
• dimensions: 1,500 pixels the large side
• file name: each digital file must be titled with the photographer’s surname in Latin characters and the image serial number, as in the following example: yourlastname_01.jpg, yourlastname_02.jpg and so on.

Visit the official website of MOMus- Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.