From the direction of the MOYSA orchestra to the cinema and the theater.

Thodoris Papadimitriou

Music with images

Text: Kyriaki Tsolaki & Chryssa Nanou || Photographs: Sakis Gioumbasis

Born and bred in Thessaloniki, an honored graduate of the Music Studies School at Aristotle University, holding a diploma in violoncello, piano and music theory, with a Master of Music in performance (conducting) from the University of Hull and currently completing his studies in orchestra conducting at the Thessaloniki State Conservatory, Thodoris Papadimitriou was the best suited candidate to work with MOYSA, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall Youth Symphony Orchestra which was founded in 2015. Starting out as assistant conductor, Papadimitriou is presently MOYSA’s lead conductor.

 «MOYSA provided young musicians from Thessaloniki and other cities with an opportunity to work together. It hosts renowned conductors and soloists, collaborates with acclaimed symphonic orchestras and youth ensembles, and performs major works of the symphonic repertoire,» stated the conductor.

Aside from his duties as conductor, Papadimitriou also composes music for films and theatrical plays. “Meeting the very specified needs of the image and the storyline may seem to be a confining and at times suffocating framework, but to me it actually has a liberating effect,» Papadimitriou said. He also leads the orchestras of the New Conservatory, performs as a cellist in numerous ensembles and theatrical productions, while he has also worked in secondary and tertiary education.

Papadimitriou consciously chooses to live in Thessaloniki and believes that “it’s the duty of those who are part of the city’s symphonic life to look for ways to harbor future audiences so that there is always room for new symphonic ensembles.”