Great personalities come alive with his digital pen.

Stavros Damos

Illustrating legends

Living legends of world music and cinema, figures of the international political scene, not to mention historical subjects of the past are all transformed through the digital pen of illustrator Stavros Damos, a communication device transcending all ideas, emotions and borders, an illustrating style that is striking, innovative and distinguishable at once.

Damos was born in 1977 in Thessaloniki where he studied graphic design, with illustration soon becoming his métier. To date, he has produced work for several of the world’s largest publications, with BBC History Magazine, The Washington Post, Britain’s New Statesman, Mojo music magazine, ranking among his clientele.

«The expansion of technology and overall the digital renaissance of recent years have a great impact on the characteristics of illustration and design in general. The speed and accuracy provided by the new digital media are probably the most important elements of  this change,» Damos says, talking about the tools of his work and, in spite of its universal scope, at some point in the future, he would like to work on «a project that relates to Thessaloniki, or at least a segment of its culture