Sotiris Posporelis and Yiannis Drisis created their label as an ode to friendly relationships.

Fair Weather Friends Records

Vinyl from the Future

Text: Stephanos Tsitsopoulos

In the early first decade of the third millennium, the Stylistics duet was one of the most successful soul/funk DJ teams of Thessaloniki. Sotiris Pοsporelis and Yannis Drizis, both twentysomething college students, one in medical school and the other at the polytechnic, set the town’s music clubs and bars afire with their spins.

Their seamless fusing  gave away their aesthetic touch: With their sounds and track selections ranging from deep soul/R&B to neo jazz and neo funk, both were impressively well-read and both were vinyl record connoisseurs. And that’s just about how the Fair Weather Friends Records got its start: The kids grew up, with Posporelis practicing psychiatry in London and Drizis teaching at numerous private colleges and vocational schools in Thessaloniki. Even though they lived in different countries, the solid connection between the two music fiends never ceased and that’s when the idea to start up the label came up: not only as a fundamental form of communication between the two friends, but also as an entry point towards building a wider network of musicians and vinyl record fetishists, since Fair Weather Friends Records insists on maintaining the unsurpassed analog format.

“ The label is an ode to friendship and our mark was very clear from the start: we wanted to release music in Greece just like the music released abroad”, Yannis Drizis explained. “Thessaloniki may be our headquarters, but our horizon is global and one can find our records anywhere, from Tokyo’s Disk Union, to San Francisco’s Amoeba  Music.”

Nowadays, reaching audiences worldwide via the internet makes things a little easier: «It goes without saying, you’ll always get a big smile whenever a radio station in Brazil or Norway plays tracks from an album you’ve just released. In Greece the situation is quite narrower when it comes to “success” or audience access because it’s mostly based on word of mouth».

They’ve set a target to reach ten releases which “might take us a bit of time, but we’re gonna do i”